Traditionally referred to as a group set, the 'drive train' of your bike is made up of all the bits that push the bike along, from the chainring to the chain, the cassette to the gear shifter. At Kustom Bikes we have everything to keep your bike’s drivetrain performing its best on the trails. If your chainring and other components are starting to get worn, consider upgrading your crankset for improved performance. Or if you want a smoother, more positive transmission you may need to upgrade your bike chain. A good quality bike chain will ensure the links of the chain assist in gear shifts and house the roller pins in such a way that they stay lubricated. This allows you to efficiently transfer power. Just as important as the bike chain for the longevity of your drivetrain are the derailleurs. Upgrade these and your bike will feel smoother, allowing you to shift gears quickly and accurately. A well-constructed drivetrain will help you tackle even the most challenging of trails.