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Deity Copperhead Stem 31.8mm ClampDeity Copperhead Stem 31.8mm Clamp
Deity Copperhead Stem 31.8mm Clamp
Deity's goal with the all new COPPERHEAD steerer mounted stem was to design a lighter sidekick to our beloved Cavity Stem, but the results delivered a stronger, refined, and lighter super hero that we just could not break. All our designs are tested to failure, but the COPPERHEAD refused to give up! After millions of cycles on both stress and impact testing this stem refused to give an inch. At a super...
£89.99 inc VAT
Deity Copperhead Stem 35mm ClampDeity Copperhead Stem 35mm Clamp
Deity Copperhead Stem 35mm Clamp
By popular demand, the all new Copperhead 35/OS Stem has finally arrived! You begged us for a larger 35mm bore counterpart to the beloved award winning Copperhead 31.8mm Stem and we’ve delivered in a big way. At an insane strength to weight ratio, the Copperhead 35/OS stem is a specimen to behold. Designed for Trail, All Mountain, and Enduro, this lightweight option also delivers more than...
£89.99 inc VAT