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Burgtec MK4 Composite PedalsBurgtec MK4 Composite Pedals
Burgtec MK4 Composite Pedals
Everything you’d expect from a Burgtec pedal but at a more affordable price point. Uncompromised grip, rugged durability, the exact same sculpted simple lines, fully backed up with spares and at an affordable price. The best of both worlds can exist. 16mm Profile 1mm Dish Nylon and Fibreglass Body SCM415 Cromo Axle All replaceable steel pins Weight 376g Available in Burgtec Black,...
£39.99 inc VAT
Burgtec Penthouse MK4 Pedals - Steel Axles
The Burgtec Penthouse Flat Mk4 is more than a pedal it’s a religion. The Mk4 pedal keeps the best features of the Mk3 such as oversized platform, incredible grip and easy to remove pins. Burgtec then put it on a diet and slimmed down the weight and the profile of the body. They also increased the reliability of the internals of the pedal by using a double bush single bearing arrangement. Producing...
Was £99.99 Now £64.99 inc VAT

Burgtec Penthouse MK5 Pedals - Steel AxlesBurgtec Penthouse MK5 Pedals - Steel Axles
Burgtec Penthouse MK5 Pedals - Steel Axles
Bigger, grippier, lighter and as tough as ever. The Penthouse Flat MK5 pedal is here! After two years of development and testing the MK5 Penthouse Flat is here. Retaining our signature toughness, the MK5 is the lightest and grippiest Burgtec pedal to date. We did this by not only increasing the size of the pedal platform, but also how concave it is alongside reducing the diameter of the pins and adding...
£109.99 inc VAT
Deity Black Kat PedalsDeity Black Kat Pedals
Deity Black Kat Pedals
The BLACK KAT Pedal is the perfect blend of weight, size, performance, feel, and the durability you expect from DEITY. Built around a larger double sealed bearing system, our goal with the BLACK KAT was to create a pedal that would not only feel incredible underfoot, but would last the test of time. With an exceptionally detailed extrusion we were able to bring incredible detail to you for an amazing...
from £89.99 inc VAT

Deity Bladerunner Pedals
Deity Bladerunner Pedals
Our lightest and thinnest pedal to date, the BLADERUNNER pedal has become synonymous with peak performance and endurance. The perfect platform pedal for any application, this super minimized design at 11mm thin with a platform large enough for incredible stability, the BLADERUNNER thrives in the most technically challenging conditions possible. When ground clearance is a priority…you will be...
£109.99 inc VAT
Deity Compound V2 PedalsDeity Compound V2 Pedals
Deity Compound V2 Pedals
These entry level nylon composite pedals are an amazing value with unbelievable performance! Built on the same internal system as our retired Decoy pedal and all new Black Kat pedal, the COMPOUND pedals are full serviceable with sealed bearings and cromo pins and spindle. These pedals peg you to challenge them as they continue to perform hassle free for as long as you let them. Not only will they surprise...
£34.99 inc VAT

Deity TMAC Signature PedalsDeity TMAC Signature Pedals
Deity TMAC Signature Pedals
?What a statement the TMAC pedal has become! A beautiful marriage between rider feedback and designer experience, the TMAC Signature Tyler McCaul Pedal truly is “Your Dream Pedal”. With over two years of development, including multiple molds, prototypes and months of real world testing, the proof is in the end result. One of the most concave designs on the market today, the control and...
£129.99 inc VAT
DMR V-Twin Pedals 2017
The next chapter unfolds as DMR “clips in” for the future with the V-Twin. Based around the world renowned SPD technology we have engineered the most adaptable caged-clip system on the market. The DMR V-Twin mtb clipless pedal offers a huge number of different grip and feel options. Using our range of pins paired with a unique Nylon “bumper” and Metal Shim feature, the pedal...
Was £115.99 Now £90.49 inc VAT

DMR V12 PedalsDMR V12 Pedals
DMR V12 Pedals
Over its 20 years of production the DMR V12 pedal has become recognized as the benchmark for mtb flat pedal performance. We took our iconic V12 body design and redefined it. Larger Platform AreaThe new DMR V12 flat pedal offers 10% more surface area than the classic shape. This means better grip and also support for rougher conditions and bigger hits. Lower ProfileAt just 16mm deep, the V12 is as...
£42.99 inc VAT
DMR V6 Plastic PedalsDMR V6 Plastic Pedals
DMR V6 Plastic Pedals
The newest member of the DMR pedal family The DMR V6 is a Nylon evolution of our newest V12 body design. It has the same concave footprint and narrow profile that DMR pedals are known for, whilst spinning on our new Dual DU bush system. Features Nylon Body Aggressive off road nylon pins Cromo axle Dual DU bush system 327g per pair Full length off road pins The DMR V6 is available in a...
£15.95 inc VAT

DMR V8 Pedals v2DMR V8 Pedals v2
DMR V8 Pedals v2
New and updated DMR V8 pedal design for 2017! Sharing the concave shape and durability that the iconic DMR V8 pedals became famous for, the new version has a larger platform area and serviceable Dual DU bushing system. The new DMR V8 pins can be tuned for preferred grip and feel. Available in a range of colours. Large Platform Area Ultra-Low Profile 480g Per Pair Serviceable Dual DU Bush System 10...
£31.95 inc VAT
DMR Vault Brendog Pedals - Matte BlackDMR Vault Brendog Pedals - Matte Black
DMR Vault Brendog Pedals - Matte Black
Which World Cup DH rider epitomises flat pedal riding better than Brendog? DMR developed the Vault pedal design with Brendog's testing and input, in 2010. Now we’ve decided to give him his own stealth colourway to say thanks. Also included spare moto pins with the DMR Brendog pedals, perfect for more aggressive riding and capable of WC level Downhill racing. STEALTH MATTE BLACK FINISH. LARGE...
£87.49 inc VAT

DMR Vault Flat Pedals V2DMR Vault Flat Pedals V2
DMR Vault Flat Pedals V2
The DMR Vault pedal is a tuneable flat pedal designed specifically for riders who want a bigger platform. Equally at home on an all mountain or downhill setup, the DMR Vault pedal offers great stability and grip for the bumpiest of trails. Features LARGE – 105mm x 105mm LIGHT – 430g per pair SLIM – 17mm concave foot bed LOW PROFILE – For great clearance BIG PLATFORM...
£79.95 inc VAT
DMR Vault Midi PedalsDMR Vault Midi Pedals
DMR Vault Midi Pedals
When BIGGER isn't BETTER... The DMR Vault MIDI Pedal is a downscaled version of our award winning VAULT platform. With the same pin pattern and profile of its larger brother the VaultT MIDI offers a platform size 10% smaller than the Vault. Whether you have smaller feet or prefer a smaller platform the Vault MIDI offers everything you would expect from a DMR pedal in a more compact package. Platform...
£89.99 inc VAT

Gamut Podium PedalsGamut Podium Pedals
Gamut Podium Pedals
The Podium Pedals. Based on the original Podium flat pedal from Point One Racing, this new version 3 includes upgrades on strength and durability without compromising the features that made them a legend. 4 sealed cartridge bearings per pedal, 100x100mm platform. 8-10mm concave profile, custom hollow-core alloy pins, all at 298g Weight: 298g Platform: 100mm x 100mm Pins: Custom Hollow Silver Alloy...
£109.95 inc VAT
Hope F20 Flat Pedals
Hope's F20 Pedal is a high quality platform pedal available in all our colours Key Features Pedals feature a fully CNC machined platform out of 2014 T6 aluminium with anodised finish The axle is made of high strength Cr-Mo, heat treated and plated The platform is slightly concave in shape to give maximum support Each pedal uses a norglide bush and three cartridge bearings in a fully sealed chamber...
Was £125.00 Now £99.95 inc VAT

HT AE-05 Flat PedalsHT AE-05 Flat Pedals
HT AE-05 Flat Pedals
The HT EVO AE05 flat pedals use a patented spindle bearing system that allows for an ultra thin pedal body. The EVO series are among the lightest on the market. The AE05 feature a deep concave, which make them the grippiest shape in the HT range. Specifications Size: 95 x 95 x 17mm Weight (pair): 360g Body material: Aluminum extruded / CNC machined Axle: CNC machined Cro-mo Pedal bearings:...
£89.99 inc VAT
HT ANS-01 Flat PedalsHT ANS-01 Flat Pedals
HT ANS-01 Flat Pedals
HT Nano-S ANS01 pedals feature super low 16mm profile, CNC machined platform and 2 high quality sealed bearings. Very durable, light and great looking downhill and freeride pedals at a good price. Technical Specifications: Size: 94mm x 95mm x 17mm Body Material: Aluminium extruded, CNC machined Spindle: CNC Machined cro-mo Bearings: Tri Sealed bearings + one DU bushing Pins: Replaceable grip...
£58.49 inc VAT

HT Components ANS10 Supreme PedalsHT Components ANS10 Supreme Pedals
HT Components ANS10 Supreme Pedals
Designed in conjunction with the super stylish Swedish giant Martin Söderström, the ANS10 Supreme offers the perfect amount of traction, platform and feel. Used by numerous FMB riders including FMB champion Brett Rheeder it goes without saying that the ANS10 stands up to the hardest of use. Pedal Weight (pair) - 368 g Size - 100 x 100 x 16.6 mm Body Material - Aluminum extruded / CNC...
£71.99 inc VAT
HT Components PA03A Nylon Flat PedalsHT Components PA03A Nylon Flat Pedals
HT Components PA03A Nylon Flat Pedals
One of the most anticipated pedals on the market, the PA03A hits the nail on the head. The PA03A features a huge platform and fully sealed bearings whilst maintaining low weights. Specifications Pedal Weight: 345g /pair Size: 107 x 105 x 18mm Body Material: Nylon reinforced composite Spindle: CNC machined Crmo Pedal Bearings: Dual sealed bearing + one DU bushing Pins: Replaceable steel grip...
£31.49 inc VAT

HT Components T1 Clipless PedalsHT Components T1 Clipless Pedals
HT Components T1 Clipless Pedals
The T1 pedal was built ground up with the design input of Enduro World Series Champion Jerome Clementz. Coming in at 368g with a Cro-mo axle, the T1 have huge mud shedding capabilities, and are secure under even the most extreme conditions thanks to the HT pedalling dynamic system. The T1 uses pins located at the front of the pedal to increase stability on the most aggressive terrains. To guarantee...
£89.99 inc VAT
HT Components X2 Clipless PedalsHT Components X2 Clipless Pedals
HT Components X2 Clipless Pedals
Fully adjustable and customisable the X2 is a Downhill World Cup race winning pedal from the box. Designed with multiple world champion Aaron Gwin, the X2 is used by pro riders worldwide. The X2 offers a light and strong platform with a deep concave and mud shedding capabilities. Supplied with X1 and X1F cleats as well as an 8mm service socket. The HT clip system offers: Great mud shedding Huge...
£107.99 inc VAT

Joystick Emulator Flat PedalsJoystick Emulator Flat Pedals
Joystick Emulator Flat Pedals
The Emulator Pedals are lightweight at a 197 grams per pedal. Each pedal features a fully CNC machined platform out of 6061 Aluminium with a 4140 Cro-mo Steel (9/16″) axle and a High load DU bushing and cartridge bearing. An optimized concave shape with 9 perfectly placed tunable pins per side. Specs Weight: 197 grams per pedal
£79.99 inc VAT
Look X-Track Rage MTB Pedals
Look X-Track Rage MTB Pedals
The X-TRACK EN-RAGE, designed for the TRAIL / ENDURO discipline completes our off-road range of pedals by offering a wider pedal body. With more contact area it offers added stability, and construction to withstand the hardest of knocks. PEDALS DESIGNED FOR YOUR DISCIPLINE The X-TRACK EN-RAGE range comes in two versions: The X-TRACK EN-RAGE PLUS pedal body is made of forged aluminium. It has a...
£53.95 inc VAT

Look X-Track Rage Plus MTB Pedals
Look X-Track Rage Plus MTB Pedals
The X-TRACK EN-RAGE, designed for the TRAIL / ENDURO discipline completes our off-road range of pedals by offering a wider pedal body. With more contact area it offers added stability, and construction to withstand the hardest of knocks. PEDALS DESIGNED FOR YOUR DISCIPLINE The X-TRACK EN-RAGE range comes in two versions: The X-TRACK EN-RAGE PLUS pedal body is made of forged aluminium. It has a...
£84.95 inc VAT
Race Face Aeffect Pedals
Featuring a thin platform, concave aluminum body with bottom-loading pins. Shorter spindle design shaves weight making it perfect for trail bikes while the chromoly axle and bottom loading hex traction pins ensure it can take abuse and perform double duty on your DH rig. Hidden grease access port allows for on bike maintenance. PRODUCT FEATURES Thin concave platform. Reduced spindle length saves...
Was £99.99 Now £74.99 inc VAT

Race Face Chester PedalsRace Face Chester Pedals
Race Face Chester Pedals
A new edition to the Race Face pedal line-up: the Chester Pedal. The tough and burly nylon composite body provides a large platform with the same grip as traditional alloy pedals via the bottom loading 8 hex traction pins per side. Thin and lightweight is the name of the game with the Chester, featuring a cro-mo axle that is fully sealed and a 100% serviceable bearing and bushing system. This pedal...
£44.95 inc VAT
Unite Instinct PedalsUnite Instinct Pedals
Unite Instinct Pedals
Designed and 100% manufactured in house in the U.K! When Unite designed the Instinct pedal they focused on three major parameters; grip, reliability and weight. They designed a large platform and machined as much material out as we could, during the machining process they also machined lots of small grooves to make the pedals super grippy. Unite went all out with pins too, fitting 20 M4 pins per pedal. Igus...
£74.99 inc VAT