As one of the most vital contact points on your bike and an integral part of your connection to the trail, your pedals are crucial to everything from climbing to cornering. Whether you're outfitting your new bike or interested in trying something new, we have pedals to help you get the most out of your revolutions.

We have flat platform pedals if you like to take your foot off and put it down at any time. Or, if you prefer clipless pedals, which physically attach you to the pedal using metal keys or cleats, our range of clipless pedals from top brands including DMR and HT Components will give you the control you need on the tracks.

Look out for different pedal platform sizes. Larger ones may offer more comfort and stability, distributing force when pedalling and standing. However, if they’re too big you won’t be able to properly engage all the pins so choose the size that’s right for you. If you need any help or advice, we’re always on hand to help — just contact our friendly team.

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Burgtec MK4 Composite PedalsBurgtec MK4 Composite Pedals
Burgtec MK4 Composite Pedals
Everything you’d expect from a Burgtec pedal but at a more affordable price point. Uncompromised grip, rugged durability, the exact same sculpted simple lines, fully backed up with spares and at an affordable price. The best of both worlds can exist. 16mm Profile 1mm Dish Nylon and Fibreglass Body SCM415 Cromo Axle All replaceable steel pins Weight 376g Available in Burgtec Black,...
£39.99 inc VAT
Burgtec Penthouse MK5 Pedals - Steel AxlesBurgtec Penthouse MK5 Pedals - Steel Axles
Burgtec Penthouse MK5 Pedals - Steel Axles
Bigger, grippier, lighter and as tough as ever. The Burgtec Penthouse Flat MK5 pedal is here! After two years of development and testing the MK5 Penthouse Flat is here. Retaining our signature toughness, the MK5 is the lightest and grippiest Burgtec pedal to date. We did this by not only increasing the size of the pedal platform, but also how concave it is alongside reducing the diameter of the pins...
£109.99 inc VAT

Deity Black Kat PedalsDeity Black Kat Pedals
Deity Black Kat Pedals
The BLACK KAT Pedal is the perfect blend of weight, size, performance, feel, and the durability you expect from DEITY. Built around a larger double sealed bearing system, our goal with the BLACK KAT was to create a pedal that would not only feel incredible underfoot, but would last the test of time. With an exceptionally detailed extrusion we were able to bring incredible detail to you for an amazing...
from £89.99 inc VAT
Deity Compound V2 Pedals
These entry level nylon composite pedals are an amazing value with unbelievable performance! Built on the same internal system as our retired Decoy pedal and all new Black Kat pedal, the COMPOUND pedals are full serviceable with sealed bearings and cromo pins and spindle. These pedals peg you to challenge them as they continue to perform hassle free for as long as you let them. Not only will they surprise...
Was £34.99 Now £29.99 inc VAT

Deity Deftrap PedalsDeity Deftrap Pedals
Deity Deftrap Pedals
Over the past decade, DEITY has developed a reputation for designing industry leading pedals that have created a cult like following and have become the go to choice for flat pedal fanatics. With the addition of the DEFTRAP pedal, we sought to defy the formula of quality X value by revolutionizing the expectations for nylon composite pedals. Built around a true concave profile that your feet sink into...
£39.99 inc VAT
Deity TMAC Signature PedalsDeity TMAC Signature Pedals
Deity TMAC Signature Pedals
?What a statement the TMAC pedal has become! A beautiful marriage between rider feedback and designer experience, the TMAC Signature Tyler McCaul Pedal truly is “Your Dream Pedal”. With over two years of development, including multiple molds, prototypes and months of real world testing, the proof is in the end result. One of the most concave designs on the market today, the control and...
£139.99 inc VAT

DMR V-Twin Pedals
The next chapter unfolds as DMR “clips in” for the future with the V-Twin. Based around the world renowned SPD technology we have engineered the most adaptable caged-clip system on the market. The DMR V-Twin mtb clipless pedal offers a huge number of different grip and feel options. Using our range of pins paired with a unique Nylon “bumper” and Metal Shim feature, the pedal...
Was £115.99 Now £90.49 inc VAT
DMR V11 Nylon PedalsDMR V11 Nylon Pedals
DMR V11 Nylon Pedals
Presenting the V11 pedal. For those that favour the durability, compliance and affordability of composite pedals, the new benchmark choice from DMR has arrived! The V11 is moulded with the same proven shape as the multi award-winning Vault pedal, providing a huge platform with DMR’s unique concave shape that allows your foot to sit deep into the centre for supreme grip. V11’s durable...
£39.95 inc VAT

DMR V12 Mag Pedals
DMR V12 Mag Pedals
Over its 20 years of production the DMR V12 MTB Flat Platform Pedal has become recognized as the benchmark for flat pedal performance. We took our iconic V12 body design and redefined it. The DMR V12 Magnesium (Mg) Pedal is the Lightweight Magnesium version of the standard V12.­­ LARGER PLATFORMThe new DMR V12 Magnesium pedal offers 10% more surface area than the classic shape. This means...
£80.00 inc VAT
DMR V12 PedalsDMR V12 Pedals
DMR V12 Pedals
Over its 20 years of production the DMR V12 pedal has become recognized as the benchmark for mtb flat pedal performance. We took our iconic V12 body design and redefined it. Larger Platform AreaThe new DMR V12 flat pedal offers 10% more surface area than the classic shape. This means better grip and also support for rougher conditions and bigger hits. Lower ProfileAt just 16mm deep, the V12 is as...
£42.99 inc VAT

DMR V6 Plastic Pedals Black with Reflector
DMR V6 Plastic Pedals Black with Reflector
The DMR V6 MTB Flat Pedals are the Nylon evolution of the new V12 concave body design. The V6 Pedals have the same concave footprint and narrow profile that DMR Pedals are known for, with a large contact platform and moulded pins providing perfect grip in all Mountain Bike and Trail conditions and any Dirt Jump or Street scenes. These pedals are made of a tough Nylon construction whilst spinning on...
£22.00 inc VAT
DMR V8 PedalsDMR V8 Pedals
DMR V8 Pedals
Updated DMR V8 MTB flat platform pedal design from the Classic shape. Sharing the concave shape and durability that the iconic DMR V8 pedals became famous for, the new aluminium version has a larger platform area and serviceable Dual DU bushing system. The new DMR V8 pins can be tuned for preferred grip and feel. Available in a range of colours. Ideal for mountain biking. Large Platform Area. Ultra-Low...
from £37.99 inc VAT

DMR Vault Brendog Pedals - Matte BlackDMR Vault Brendog Pedals - Matte Black
DMR Vault Brendog Pedals - Matte Black
Which World Cup DH rider epitomises flat pedal riding better than Brendog? DMR developed the Vault pedal design with Brendog's testing and input, in 2010. Now we’ve decided to give him his own stealth colourway to say thanks. Also included spare moto pins with the DMR Brendog pedals, perfect for more aggressive riding and capable of WC level Downhill racing. STEALTH MATTE BLACK FINISH. LARGE...
£109.99 inc VAT
DMR Vault Flat Pedals V2DMR Vault Flat Pedals V2
DMR Vault Flat Pedals V2
The DMR Vault pedal is a tuneable flat pedal designed specifically for riders who want a bigger platform. Equally at home on an all mountain or downhill setup, the DMR Vault pedal offers great stability and grip for the bumpiest of trails. Features LARGE – 105mm x 105mm LIGHT – 430g per pair SLIM – 17mm concave foot bed LOW PROFILE – For great clearance BIG PLATFORM...
£99.99 inc VAT

DMR Vault Mag PedalsDMR Vault Mag Pedals
DMR Vault Mag Pedals
The new Vault Mag MTB pedal is here, born from our quest for production methods that are more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. Thanks to the unique use of pressure die casting technology, the Vault Magnesium achieves these goals. Best of all, it is now available at a more obtainable price. When performance is paramount, the Vault Mag flat pedal delivers at just 404g. Want a more premium...
£120.00 inc VAT
DMR Versa PedalsDMR Versa Pedals
DMR Versa Pedals
Meet the Jekyll and Hyde of pedals. The Versa is DMR’s newest mountain bike pedal, featuring a clip in mechanism on one side and DMR’s world famous platform on the other side. Now you can ride up with the efficiency and control of being clipped in. At the top, flip the pedal and go fully foot out flat out on the way down. A clipless pedal and mtb flat pedal in one! The DMR Versa Pedal...
£135.00 inc VAT

Gusset Slim Jim Nylon PedalsGusset Slim Jim Nylon Pedals
Gusset Slim Jim Nylon Pedals
Thermoplastic Nylon reinforced material body Low profile concave design 10 replaceable 3mm pins per side CNC machined Cro-mo axle LSL bushing sealed bearing Pedal measurements - 113 x 114 x 18.5mm Approx. 360g per pair Available in Black, Lime or Orange
£34.99 inc VAT
Hope Union Gravity PedalsHope Union Gravity Pedals
Hope Union Gravity Pedals
Dual mechanism designed for easy pedal entry, secure cleat holding and positive, consistent release Dual sided Fully CNC Machined pedal bodies Stainless steel clips and cleats Pedals supplied with two cleats options Large shoe/pedal contact area for maximum power transfer and stability Replaceable pins for increased grip on Union GC (14 pins) Foot plate option on Pedal for maximum shoe/pedal...
£143.99 inc VAT

Hope Union Trail PedalsHope Union Trail Pedals
Hope Union Trail Pedals
Dual mechanism designed for easy pedal entry, secure cleat holding and positive, consistent release Dual sided Fully CNC Machined pedal bodies Stainless steel clips and cleats Pedals supplied with two cleats options Large shoe/pedal contact area for maximum power transfer and stability Replaceable pins for increased grip on Union GC (14 pins) Foot plate option on Pedal for maximum shoe/pedal...
£134.99 inc VAT
HT Components PA03A Nylon PedalsHT Components PA03A Nylon Pedals
HT Components PA03A Nylon Pedals
One of the most anticipated pedals on the market, the PA03A hits the nail on the head. The PA03A features a huge platform and fully sealed bearings whilst maintaining low weights. Specifications Pedal Weight: 345g /pair Size: 107 x 105 x 18mm Body Material: Nylon reinforced composite Spindle: CNC machined Crmo Pedal Bearings: Dual sealed bearing + one DU bushing Pins: Replaceable steel grip...
£35.99 inc VAT

HT Components T1 Clipless PedalsHT Components T1 Clipless Pedals
HT Components T1 Clipless Pedals
The T1 pedal was built ground up with the design input of Enduro World Series Champion Jerome Clementz. Coming in at 368g with a Cro-mo axle, the T1 have huge mud shedding capabilities, and are secure under even the most extreme conditions thanks to the HT pedalling dynamic system. The T1 uses pins located at the front of the pedal to increase stability on the most aggressive terrains. To guarantee...
£89.99 inc VAT
HT Components X2 Clipless PedalsHT Components X2 Clipless Pedals
HT Components X2 Clipless Pedals
Fully adjustable and customisable the X2 is a Downhill World Cup race winning pedal from the box. Designed with multiple world champion Aaron Gwin, the X2 is used by pro riders worldwide. The X2 offers a light and strong platform with a deep concave and mud shedding capabilities. Supplied with X1 and X1F cleats as well as an 8mm service socket. The HT clip system offers: Great mud shedding Huge...
£107.99 inc VAT

Race Face Chester PedalsRace Face Chester Pedals
Race Face Chester Pedals
A new edition to the Race Face pedal line-up: the Chester Pedal. The tough and burly nylon composite body provides a large platform with the same grip as traditional alloy pedals via the bottom loading 8 hex traction pins per side. Thin and lightweight is the name of the game with the Chester, featuring a cro-mo axle that is fully sealed and a 100% serviceable bearing and bushing system. This pedal...
£44.95 inc VAT
TAG Metals T1 Pedals CNC BlackTAG Metals T1 Pedals CNC Black
TAG Metals T1 Pedals CNC Black
Standard T1 Aluminium Pedals offer a regular-sized pedal platform with 4mm pins to keep your sole in place when it's wet or dry. Designed with two bearings and one DU bushing per pedal and a full-length axle to give you hours of hassle-free riding. Features: 110mm X 100mm platform (Standard) 441g 4 bearings and 2 DU bushings per pair Full body axle for long term durability and strength 4MM...
from £89.99 inc VAT

TAG Metals T3 Nylon PedalsTAG Metals T3 Nylon Pedals
TAG Metals T3 Nylon Pedals
T3 Nylon Pedals are made from a strong and lightweight thermoplastic Nylon and have 40x replaceable 3mm pins to keep your foot in place on the 110X100mm platform when you stomp a landing or plough through a rock garden. Internally, the T3 Pedals have a DU bushings and sealed cartridge bearing paired with a CNC machined Cro-Mo axle and access is easy for servicing and maintenance. T3 Nylon Pedals...
£39.99 inc VAT
Unite Instinct Pedals V1.1Unite Instinct Pedals V1.1
Unite Instinct Pedals V1.1
Introducing the latest evolution, the Unite Instinct pedals V1.1! So what’s new? New axle | We have changed a few little details along with the manufacturing method that makes the axles stronger and machined more accurately. Refined Body | All cut outs have been removed from the leading edges improving deflection during rock strikes and also giving us the clean look we strive for. We took...
£89.99 inc VAT