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Deity Blacklabel 31.8mm HandlebarsDeity Blacklabel 31.8mm Handlebars
Deity Blacklabel 31.8mm Handlebars
Races are not won on race day. They are the culmination of dedication, commitment and a standard for excellence. This is how we look at all DEITY products and the all new BLACKLABEL 800 Handlebar is a testament to the craft and experience we have developed over the years. The handlebar of choice for the Scott / Velosolutions and Norco Factory Racing World Cup teams, the BLACKLABEL 800 is the evolution...
£69.99 inc VAT
Deity Racepoint Alloy 35mm HandlebarDeity Racepoint Alloy 35mm Handlebar
Deity Racepoint Alloy 35mm Handlebar
Our all new Racepoint Aluminum DH Handlebar forced us to question, what is your breaking point? Everyone has a different answer but our handlebars do not. In fact, we know exactly where the breaking point is for each of our products and we hold them to a much higher standard than the industry requires. Why we do this is simple, to improve the rider’s experience. But how we do this is much more...
£69.99 inc VAT

Deity Skyline 787mm HandlebarsDeity Skyline 787mm Handlebars
Deity Skyline 787mm Handlebars
DEITY’s expanded aluminum handlebar line now includes the all new SKYLINE 787 All MTN / Enduro / Trail handlebar. We’ve taken all of our experience in developing the strongest handlebars and implemented a featherweight version to bring DEITY to the top of the mountain! Utilizing our trade secret Gradient Butting Technology, while investing the time and cost to properly heat treat each handlebar...
£70.95 inc VAT
Deity Skywire Carbon 35mm Handlebar
Deity Skywire Carbon 35mm Handlebar
After years of research and development dedicated to perfecting the 35mm bore handlebar, DEITY has created the best feeling carbon line of handlebars to date. Gone are the days of blown out hands and varying degrees of arm pump after a day on your new 35mm bore oversized super stiff handlebar. It’s no secret that our industry is notorious for ever changing standards which leaves us asking why?...
£134.99 inc VAT

Deity TMO 760mm Carbon HandlebarsDeity TMO 760mm Carbon Handlebars
Deity TMO 760mm Carbon Handlebars
Our signature Tracy Moseley Enduro Carbon Handlebar, the T-MO, has become the go to handlebar for any 6 inch travel Enduro/ All Mtn/ Trail build today. UCI World Cup DH Champion and three time Enduro World Champion, Tracy Moseley certainly knows a thing or two about winning...not only on any given day, but what it takes to win championships over and over again. Tracy’s insight, feedback and...
£147.95 inc VAT
Deity Topside Alloy 35mm Handlebar
Deity Topside Alloy 35mm Handlebar
Are you looking for more than just style on your bike? Well look no further… DEITY’s all new Topside aluminum Handlebar is perfect for you! Utilizing the unique properties of 2014 grade T73 aluminum coupled with DEITY’s proprietary Gradient Butting Technology we are able to bring you a high performance Mountain bike handlebar on a budget that not only looks amazing, but outperforms...
£41.99 inc VAT