Hand Guards

Hand guards are flaps of sturdy plastic that are held out in front of your bike's brake levers. The design is commonplace on motocross bikes to protect hands from flying debris and, with professionals like Sam Hill adopting them, they’re increasing in popularity. They provide a range of benefits, prevent branches and foliage from painfully whipping your fingers and interfering with your brakes. This makes them ideal if your local trails are overgrown in the summer.

Some guards are made just to deflect twigs, while others are designed to offer more substantial protection for your hands should you run into a tree or bush. Coverage is the most important aspect of a hand guard because if a hand guard doesn't protect the brake fully, it won't be much good. Keep your hands and brakes protected with our range of hand guards at Kustom Bikes.

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Nock Handguards Pair BlackNock Handguards Pair Black
£59.99 inc VAT