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Lezyne Flow SL E Side Load Bottle CageLezyne Flow SL E Side Load Bottle Cage
Lezyne Flow SL E Side Load Bottle Cage
A durable cage available in left or right side configurations. Durable, fiber reinforced Composite Matrix construction. Optimized side-load shape for easy bottle access in compact frames. Engineered to hold bottles securely. Oval mounting holes allow fine tuning of position on frame. Available in left- or right-side configurations. Sold individually or in pairs. Specs Enhanced: Black, White, Red,...
£13.95 inc VAT
Lezyne Digital Over Drive ABS2 Floor Pump
A high volume, maxiumum flow digital floor pump. Oversized aluminum barrel and steel piston with aluminum base. High volume, maximum flow design efficiently inflates large diameter tires and can quickly seat tubeless setups. Extremely accurate Digital gauge. Extra long, high-strength oversized hose with aluminum couplers. Durable, anodized high-polish finish with varnished wood handle. ABS2 equipped. SpecsMAX:...
Was £76.49 Now £59.99 inc VAT

Lezyne Control Drive CO2
Lezyne Control Drive CO2
A dispenser with a control knob for easy, controlled inflation. CNC machined aluminum dispenser with brass internals. CNC control knob twists for easy and controlled inflation. Twin Slip Chuck head presses on to Presta and Schrader valves. Neoprene sleeve insulates hand from cold during discharge. Compatible with threaded CO2 cartridges. Includes one 16g or 25g cartridge. Note: Blue color not available...
£22.45 inc VAT
Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive Mini Pump
Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive Mini Pump
The most advanced high volume hand pump.The most advance high volume hand pump. Integrated super low-profile Digital Strip Gauge. Light and compact CNC-machined aluminum construction. Super accurate digital gauge, max. 90 psi (6.2 bar). Presta/Shrader compatible ABS Flex Hose. Specs Weight: 173g Length: 216mm Colours: Black/High Polish Max: 90psi | 6.2bar
£62.95 inc VAT

Lezyne Tech Drive HV Mini PumpLezyne Tech Drive HV Mini Pump
Lezyne Tech Drive HV Mini Pump
Lightweight, CNC machined aluminum barrel, piston and handle. Efficient and compact overlapping handle optimized for high volume applications. Equipped with the ABS Flex hose; Presta and Shrader valve compatible. Includes lightweight composite matrix frame mount. Specs Small: 170mm | 111g Medium: 216mm | 127g Colour: Silver/High Polish Black/High Polish Max Pressure: 90psi | 6.2bar
£26.95 inc VAT
Lezyne 3 Way Hex Wrench
Lezyne 3 Way Hex Wrench
Heavy duty, shop quality three-way wrench. Two-piece Serviceable Body allows for easy replacement and exchange of bits. Classic, easy-to-use design. Durable, CNC machined hardened steel body. Heavy duty, drawn, and forged CRV+ anti-corrosion steel bits. Replacement tool bits included with each wrench. Not all bits are interchangeable between bodies. Specs Star: Star shaped, T10, T25, T30 Hex:...
£17.95 inc VAT

Lezyne Classic Pedal Rod 15mm
Lezyne Classic Pedal Rod 15mm
A classic pedal wrench with a varnished wood handle. Shop quality pedal wrench. Classic varnished wood handle with chromoly head. Two 15mm offset wrench openings positioned for optimal leverage. Integrated bottle opener. Specs Weight: 375g Length: 360mm | 14.2in
£15.95 inc VAT
Lezyne V11 Multi Tool
Lezyne V11 Multi Tool
Low profile multi-tools optimized for modern component groups. CNC machined aluminum side plates. Forged, Center-Pivot CrV+ anti-corrosion bits. Chrome Vanadium steel fastening hardware. Forged aluminum chain breaker (V 10 and 11 only). Specs Weight: 102g Dimensions:48W × 63L × 19H (mm) Tool Bits Hex - 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Star Shaped - T25, T30 Flat Head Chain Breaker:...
£30.95 inc VAT

Lezyne Macro GPS NavitigateLezyne Macro GPS Navitigate
Lezyne Macro GPS Navitigate
Advanced technologies in an easy-to-use and affordable package. Featuring a large, sharp display, the Macro GPS is packed with many advanced technologies in an easy-to-use and affordable package. The Bluetooth enabled device can pair through our free Lezyne Ally V2 app to iOS and Android handhelds, in addition to Bluetooth compatible power meters, heart rate monitors and speed/cadence sensors. When...
£89.95 inc VAT

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