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Exposure Diablo Mk12 Helmet LightExposure Diablo Mk12 Helmet Light
Exposure Diablo Mk12 Helmet Light
Triple LED’s create a wide beam, combined with fast mode changing TAP technology, the Diablo’s increased 1850 lumen output will enable you to pin most trails that are in front of the wheel. With a lightwight, CNC engineered aluminium body the Diablo gives you licence to raise hell on the trail! No button neededQuickly switch between modes on helmet lights by tapping either the body of...
£205.00 inc VAT
Exposure Joystick Mk15 Helmet LightExposure Joystick Mk15 Helmet Light
Exposure Joystick Mk15 Helmet Light
Exposure Lights started with the Joystick and it remains the lightest, and most award winning helmet light in the range; with a more focused beam, and now with 1100 lumens the Joystick enables you to spot the terrain changes in the distance and the tight corners at your wheel. Intelligent Thermal ManagementPatented circuitry within the light will reduce power to the LEDs, if they go beyond the optimum...
£165.00 inc VAT

Exposure MaXx D Mk13 Front LightExposure MaXx D Mk13 Front Light
Exposure MaXx D Mk13 Front Light
Need a light with a powerful output that simultaneously highlights the edge of the trail, without compromising the far-reaching beam, AND automatically adjusting output in tune with the terrain? Then look no further than the Maxx D; perfect for aggressive riding on singletrack and technical terrain, thanks to its combination of lenses and Reflex Technology. Concentrate on the rideReflex automatically...
£375.00 inc VAT
Exposure Race Mk15 Front LightExposure Race Mk15 Front Light
Exposure Race Mk15 Front Light
The ideal solution for XC racing, with an impressive output and no compromise on technology in this sleek unit. Reflex Technology means this featherweight still packs a punch on the trail, but lowering the output allows the light to have crossover appeal for those who also have a rural commute or even a light weight pack ride. Concentrate on the rideReflex automatically adjusts the light to provide...
£235.00 inc VAT

Exposure Six Pack Mk11 Front LightExposure Six Pack Mk11 Front Light
Exposure Six Pack Mk11 Front Light
The Six Pack’s deep reaching and open beam is our brightest yet for intense shreds and the high capacity battery stores enough power to last the duration of the longest endurance events, just use the OMS (Optimised Mode Selector) to choose the runtime for your needs from 2 to 36 hours. Together with Reflex++ the Six Pack will automatically give you the perfect lumen level no matter the ride . The...
£415.00 inc VAT
Exposure Toro Mk12 Front LightExposure Toro Mk12 Front Light
Exposure Toro Mk12 Front Light
Grab off road riding by the horns with the Toro; Reflex Technology unleashes a raging output of 3200 lumens to tackle anything the open gravel trail, fire road and single track can throw at you, roots; bomb holes, you name it. Use the Optimised Mode Selector to extend the runtime and the Toro will be at home on the cockpit of any gravel bike, so when the daylight stops you don’t. Concentrate...
£295.00 inc VAT

Exposure Zenith Mk1 Helmet Light + HB MountExposure Zenith Mk1 Helmet Light + HB Mount
Exposure Zenith Mk1 Helmet Light + HB Mount
The Zenith, is the answer to years of rider demands. 2000 lumens, long reaching, wider beam, for an hour or combined with rapid mode change technology, TAP, that you can use the 2000 lumens when cascading down a steep, fast desent or tackling a technical trail and then TAP to lower the lumens and increase the run time. No button neededQuickly switch between modes on helmet lights by tapping either...
£255.00 inc VAT
Exposure Quick Release Handlebar Bracket 31.8/35mm
Exposure Quick Release Handlebar Bracket 31.8/35mm
Aluminium quick release bracket fitting all exposure handlebar lights. Product Compatability Six Pack SYNC, Six Pack, MaXx D SYNC, MaXx D, Toro, Race, Strada
£21.99 inc VAT

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