30th October 2019

RRP ProGuard Bolt On Mudguards Available for Pre-Order now

RRP ProGuard Bolt On Mudguards Available for Pre-Order now

The brand new RapidRacerProducts ProGuard Bolt On mudguards have now been added to our website and can be pre-ordered for delivery in mid/late November

I have been really excited about these since first seeing the prototype versions earlier this year and can't wait to get one fitted to my own bike

10th October 2018

Shimano XTR M9100 Rear Derailleur is compatible with SRAM Eagle 12 Speed!

Shimano XTR M9100 Rear Derailleur is compatible with SRAM Eagle 12 Speed!

SRAM Eagle 12 speed has been on the market for 2 years now and has changed the game with the range it offers on only a single front chain ring. Shimano have always seemed to be playing catch up to SRAM when it comes to 1x gearing and ever since eagle was launched fans of Shimano have been waiting for them to come out with their own wide range 12 speed transmission. It finally came this year with the launch of the Shimano XTR M9100 groupset

I've always felt that Shimano held the edge in terms of build quality over SRAM and have been a long time user of Shimano XT 10 and 11 speed groupsets. This year however when I was building my new Transition Sentinel I decided to give SRAM GX Eagle a try. For the most part the experience has been pretty good, the shifting is smooth and I have had no problems with the crankset, chain, cassette or gear shifter. The problem I have had though is with the top jockey wheel on the rear derailleur collapsing and damaging the inner cage. I have seen this happen to many other GX Eagle derailleurs on customers bikes and at races so it seems to be a common issue that has not yet been resolved by SRAM

When Shimano launched the new XTR to be media earlier in the summer I didn’t pay too much attention to it as I would usually intend to wait until the technology filters down to the more reasonably priced XT range. I was also put off by the fact that Shimano had opted for a new Micro Spline freehub design which would mean having the change my rear wheel in order to use the new 12 speed cassette

My last GX Eagle derailleur broke on the first day of a three day event which annoyed me some what to say the least and I opted to switch back to my XT 11 speed to make sure I got through the next two days without a problem and because I didn’t want to buy a new GX derailleur if it was just going to break again in a short period

The rest of my GX Eagle groupset was still in good condition though which is what led me to wondering if a Shimano XTR M9100 rear derailleur and shifter would work with a SRAM Eagle 12 speed 10-50 cassette. I couldn’t see any reason for it not to work so ordered them up and waited patiently for them to arrive

The shifter arrived a few weeks ago but the derailleur didn’t show up until this week. I could finally fit them to the bike and am happy to confirm that the setup works perfectly. I wasn’t surprised by this as I didn’t think Shimano would be able to alter the spacing of a 12 speed cassette so was pretty sure beforehand that it would work

Having fitted the Shimano XTR M9100 shifter and derailleur and confirming that it will work with a SRAM eagle 10-50 cassette I thought I would quickly try a SRAM GX eagle shifter with the Shimano XTR rear derailleur and see if they were compatible. I wasn’t really expecting this to work as previously SRAM and Shimano shifters have used a different pull ratio so they have not been interchangeable with each other.

To my surprise the SRAM GX Eagle shifter worked perfectly with the Shimano M9100 derailleur!

I think this is great news as if like me you are fed up with breaking your SRAM Eagle rear derailleur you have the option to fit a Shimano XTR M9100 derailleur instead without changing the rest of your drivetrain

1st December 2017

Transition Sentinel frames have just arrived

Transition Sentinel frames have just arrived

As 29er fans here at Kustom Bikes we've really been looking forward to the arrival of the new Transition Sentinel and we now have frames in stock ready to go

To unlock to full potential of the Transition bikes SDG technology to need the reduced offset forks to go with the frame. We have the Fox Float 36 Performance Elite version of these available to go with the frames

We will also have a Transition Senitinel demo bike available but are currently still waiting on the build kit to arrive for this

If you have any queries regarding Transition bike and frames please get in touch

2nd July 2017

Transition Bikes Introduce the Sentinel with Speed Balance Geometry

Transition have just introduced the new Sentinel model to their line up equipped with Speed Balance Geometry. We have been looking forward to a longer travel Transition 29er so can't wait for these to be available in the UK in October. Full details on the new geometry below

Speed Balance Geometry

What is it about the human connection to the bicycle that brings us so much joy? How can such a simple mechanical device mean so much to so many of us? What if it was possible to heighten that connection? What would it take, what would it mean and how would you achieve it?

Imagine a dream where you could ride without thinking about what your front wheel is doing. You stopped having conscious thought about whether it had traction or not, instead you just intuitively knew. In this same dream your bike could do exactly what you wanted it to at whatever speed your were moving. At high speeds it carved stable turns with supreme grip, and at slow speeds it was nimble and precise to maneuver tight turns. This was our dream.

In the search for a better handling bike, we started by asking some simple questions. Why are mountain bikes becoming longer and slacker? The obvious answer is stability. Why is this good? It makes the rider feel safer and creates a more stable chassis at higher speeds or steeper terrain. Longer and slacker comes at a cost however, and that cost is realized at slower speeds or flatter terrain where the front wheel is too far ahead of the rider. This inhibits the rider's ability to properly weight the front wheel. What if it were possible to have a mountain bike that did all of this well?

Inspired by this dream, late in 2015 we initiated a research program led by our Blue Balls Development Team to discover ways we could make our current bikes handle even better. We began an extensive test cycle with different variations of fork offset and geometries. Why you ask?

In the last 5 years, your mountain bike has changed in in many ways. Your wheels have likely gotten bigger. Your frame has gotten longer. Your head tube has gotten slacker. Your suspension has improved. Your stem has gotten shorter and your bars have gotten wider. And you likely have a remote dropper seat post opposed to a straight post. Your components have improved in ways that have allowed you to ride easier, farther and harder. Yet, the there are some things that haven't been updated with the rest of these improvements. One of these things is steering trail.

Trail is one of the dimensions that relates to particular steering feel and handling characteristics. Current trail figures fall between a regular set of parameters depending on wheel size and bike suspension travel. The thing is, this range of trail is based on an old legacy of 26" bikes with outdated geometry; steep head tube angles, shorter reach and top tube, longer stems and skinnier handlebars.

Why shouldn't this evolve with the rest of your bike?

Transition Sentinel 29er Bike
Transition Sentinel featuring SDG technology. Coming this autumn

Transition Sentinel Geometry Chart

The Tech

Frame sizing - Our SBG system utilizes frame reach measurements that are longer than our current models. The SBG system is designed to be used with a 40mm stem, which equates to a modest total increase in reach when compared to our current models which use 50mm stems. Our SBG system additionally includes steeper seat tube angles which aid in climbing traction and reduce seated sag when climbing. These two changes bring the rider more forward in the chassis into a more central location between the front and rear tire contact patches, which greatly increases traction.

Head tube angle - SBG integrates slacker headtube angles which allow the fork to absorb impacts better on all angles, and positions the front wheel further forward in relation to the handlebars. As you approach obstacles in the trail a steeper head tube angle has a more vertical suspension path. This reduces the forks ability to properly absorb impacts and generates deflection. A slacker headtube angle positions the fork at a better angle of approach to absorb impacts which reduces deflection. Additionally, slacker headtube angles reduce dive while increasing rear wheel grip under heavy braking.

Fork offset - SBG is designed to be used with a fork offset that is shorter than traditionally used per wheel size. The shorter fork offset brings the front axle more rearward and under the rider which further increases front tire traction. This works in unison with the shorter stem length to provide a more direct steering input and dramatically enhances connectivity to what is happening with the front wheel. The shorter offset also brings the front wheel more under the rider which balances the effects of a slacker head angle. Our SBG system creates a longer trail figure than standard, used in a way that eliminates the negative side effects.

Transition Sentinel Dimensions

If you were to implement any of these changes independently you would see negative handling effects, but when executed together each change compliments the other which creates a dramatically different handling bike. SBG ensures the bike maintains low speed agility, increases front wheel traction, and proper rider weight balance while actually increasing confidence in steep terrain and at high speeds. With SBG, a slacker head tube angle is combined with a reduced offset fork to eliminate a vague feeling front wheel. This improves front to rear weight distribution on the bike, which is often out of balance on long and slack bikes. One of SBG's greatest benefits is that it creates a steering feel that is highly dependent on wheel speed.

At lower speeds the bike is easy to redirect, responds easily to steering inputs, and reduces front wheel wander when climbing. As the wheel rotates faster the bike becomes more stable, and less energy is required to keep the bike tracking straight. The rider is encouraged to lean into corners. SBG also reduces under and over steer, front wheel push, and improves front wheel traction in flat corners and off camber sections. Our SBG system provides more stability at high speed, more agility at low speed, improved traction, control and confidence for riders at all speeds.

What does this ultimately mean for you? More control, more confidence, more party.

10th June 2017

Now Stocking Deity Components

Now Stocking Deity Components

We are now stocking Deity mountain bike components in the UK. Our first drop includes the Black Label handlebars, Copperhead stems, Black Kat pedals, Knuckleduster and Waypoint Grips but we will be adding more in the future

20th April 2017

New Transition Bike Models

New Transition Bike Models

Transition bikes have just introduced two brand new bike models, the Throttle and the Vanquish

The Throttle is an aggressive 27.5" carbon hardtail designed to blur the lines between a trail bike and a dirt jump bike. It is designed to give the playful feel of the Transition full suspension frames combined with the efficiency of a lightweight carbon hardtail frame

The Vanquish is the closest thing to a cross country bike that Transition have ever made. A lightweight carbon 29er hardtail with a 120mm travel fork that will climb like an XC bike and keep up with your full suspension mates on the downhills

Both frames are £1799.95 and are available for Pre-Order now with delivery expected in 2-3 weeks

4th April 2017

New Website Launch

As you may have noticed we have a brand new website. If you are one of our previous customers then you should find that this is a big improvement over the old site and if you are a new customer we hope you like what you see. To celebrate the launch of the new website we are offering 10% off all orders until the end of April. To claim your 10% discount use code NEW10 at checkout