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Transition Patrol Alloy Frame 2022Transition Patrol Alloy Frame 2022
Transition Patrol Alloy Frame 2022
Image for colour illustration purposes. This product contains frame, headset & rear shock.The pure bred party animalThe mixed wheel Patrol has a new haircut but is still down for anything and truly unapologetic when it comes to shredding trail.Being on of the longest standing bikes in our lineup, it was the obvious choice to mix it up. Updated geometry to accommodate the 29" front/27.5"...
£2,199.95 inc VAT
Transition PBJ Frame 2021Transition PBJ Frame 2021
Transition PBJ Frame 2021
The PBJ is one of the longest standing models in our lineup, and for good reason. Unique geometry developed by our very own Lars n' Bars creates a bike that mountain bikers will immediately feel at home on. Relaxed geometry that is stable at higher speeds and big jumps, yet fun and nimble enough for the tightest of pump tracks. The PBJ will simply make you a better mountain biker and help you take...
£399.95 inc VAT

Transition Scout Carbon Frame 2021Transition Scout Carbon Frame 2021
Transition Scout Carbon Frame 2021
Hop on the Scout and you're immediately transformed into a projectile. The Scout will awaken your inner child. Manual here, scrub that, skid there, pedal up this. Freedom to boost everything in sight, overshoot every landing without a care, mixed with nose bonking and hooting your way down the trail. Sporty, but just as eager to tackle bigger terrain. The Scout's trail charisma is infectious and will...
£2,999.00 inc VAT
Transition Sentinel Carbon Frame 2021Transition Sentinel Carbon Frame 2021
Transition Sentinel Carbon Frame 2021
The Hard Charging All-Rounder The Sentinel inspires confidence like you’re wearing full body armor. It’s forgiving do-it-all attitude truly blurs the lines between planted bottomless sender and playful poppy trail pony. Whether you’re chasing EWS dreams or just a weekend afternoon escape, it will bring out the best in you. So easy to get acquainted with you’ll find yourself...
£3,199.95 inc VAT