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Lezyne Digital Over Drive ABS2 Floor Pump
A high volume, maxiumum flow digital floor pump. Oversized aluminum barrel and steel piston with aluminum base. High volume, maximum flow design efficiently inflates large diameter tires and can quickly seat tubeless setups. Extremely accurate Digital gauge. Extra long, high-strength oversized hose with aluminum couplers. Durable, anodized high-polish finish with varnished wood handle. ABS2 equipped. SpecsMAX:...
Was £76.49 Now £59.99 inc VAT
Buzzy's Slick Honey GreaseBuzzy's Slick Honey Grease
Buzzy's Slick Honey Grease
Slick Honey has a superior ability to reduce sliding friction, making it ideal for lubricating o-rings, seals, bushings, and any other sliding or pivoting parts. Find out why major suspension fork manufacturers use Slick Honey in their service departments. Details Originally developed for motorcycle suspension systems, Slick Honey is unmatched in its ability to provide nearly frictionless movement...
from £9.99 inc VAT

Smoove Universal Chain Lube
Smoove Universal Chain Lube
Smoove™ is a long lasting bicycle chain lube for use in any terrain. Smoove™ works in dry, wet, muddy or perfect sunshine conditions. Smoove™ reduces chain wear and increases the lifespan of drivetrain components. Smoove™ lasts longer between applications than most other chain lubricants, runs cleaner and is extremely durable. Love your chain – use Smoove™. LONG...
£13.99 inc VAT
Squirt Chain Lube 120ml
Squirt Chain Lube 120ml
Squirt is a unique chain lubricant – it contains waxes and water in emulsion form that stays clean, lasts long and extends drive train life. Squirt's wax-based formula is ideal for all types of bicycle chains in all types of conditions. From e-bikes to road and mountain bikes, from sunshine to snow, Squirt is developed to give better lubrication, last longer and keep the chain cleaner over longer...
£11.99 inc VAT

Lezyne Control Drive CO2
Lezyne Control Drive CO2
A dispenser with a control knob for easy, controlled inflation. CNC machined aluminum dispenser with brass internals. CNC control knob twists for easy and controlled inflation. Twin Slip Chuck head presses on to Presta and Schrader valves. Neoprene sleeve insulates hand from cold during discharge. Compatible with threaded CO2 cartridges. Includes one 16g or 25g cartridge. Note: Blue color not available...
£22.45 inc VAT
Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive Mini Pump
Lezyne Digital Alloy Drive Mini Pump
The most advanced high volume hand pump.The most advance high volume hand pump. Integrated super low-profile Digital Strip Gauge. Light and compact CNC-machined aluminum construction. Super accurate digital gauge, max. 90 psi (6.2 bar). Presta/Shrader compatible ABS Flex Hose. Specs Weight: 173g Length: 216mm Colours: Black/High Polish Max: 90psi | 6.2bar
£62.95 inc VAT

Lezyne Tech Drive HV Mini PumpLezyne Tech Drive HV Mini Pump
Lezyne Tech Drive HV Mini Pump
Lightweight, CNC machined aluminum barrel, piston and handle. Efficient and compact overlapping handle optimized for high volume applications. Equipped with the ABS Flex hose; Presta and Shrader valve compatible. Includes lightweight composite matrix frame mount. Specs Small: 170mm | 111g Medium: 216mm | 127g Colour: Silver/High Polish Black/High Polish Max Pressure: 90psi | 6.2bar
£26.95 inc VAT
Topeak SmartGauge D2 Digital Pressure GaugeTopeak SmartGauge D2 Digital Pressure Gauge
Topeak SmartGauge D2 Digital Pressure Gauge
The second-generation digital gauge features a rotating SmartHead™ and works seamlessly with Presta and Schrader valves without changing parts. Precision digital gauge reads up to 250 psi / 17 bar and is designed for use with tires, suspension forks and rear shock units. LCD display can be programmed to show pressure in psi, Bar, or kg/cm2. ADDED FEATURES - Rotating head, Air release button BATTERY-...
£24.79 inc VAT

DMR Pedal SpannerDMR Pedal Spanner
DMR Pedal Spanner
This solid welded DMR pedal spanner is a heavy duty, shop quality pedal tool. This heavy duty, shop quality pedal spanner wrench has a laser cut chromoly head and 15mm direct line wrench opening positioned for optimal leverage. Features Integrated bottle opener. 8mm allen wrench. 6mm allen wrench. 15mm direct line wrench Laser cut chromoly head. 32cm in length. 300g approx. NB Deathgrip...
£17.99 inc VAT
Hope Brake Easy Bleed Kit - Tech 3
Hope Brake Easy Bleed Kit - Tech 3
The Hope easy bleed kit contains - Easy bleed funnel Easy bleed plunger Easy bleed top cap lid - Tech 3 Bleed nipple adapter 50cm clear pipe 250ml DOT 5.1 brake fluid Please note that the funnel, plunger and top cap lid are silver and not black as pictured
£26.49 inc VAT

Lezyne 3 Way Hex Wrench
Lezyne 3 Way Hex Wrench
Heavy duty, shop quality three-way wrench. Two-piece Serviceable Body allows for easy replacement and exchange of bits. Classic, easy-to-use design. Durable, CNC machined hardened steel body. Heavy duty, drawn, and forged CRV+ anti-corrosion steel bits. Replacement tool bits included with each wrench. Not all bits are interchangeable between bodies. Specs Star: Star shaped, T10, T25, T30 Hex:...
£17.95 inc VAT
Lezyne Classic Pedal Rod 15mm
Lezyne Classic Pedal Rod 15mm
A classic pedal wrench with a varnished wood handle. Shop quality pedal wrench. Classic varnished wood handle with chromoly head. Two 15mm offset wrench openings positioned for optimal leverage. Integrated bottle opener. Specs Weight: 375g Length: 360mm | 14.2in
£15.95 inc VAT

Lezyne V11 Multi Tool
Lezyne V11 Multi Tool
Low profile multi-tools optimized for modern component groups. CNC machined aluminum side plates. Forged, Center-Pivot CrV+ anti-corrosion bits. Chrome Vanadium steel fastening hardware. Forged aluminum chain breaker (V 10 and 11 only). Specs Weight: 102g Dimensions:48W × 63L × 19H (mm) Tool Bits Hex - 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Star Shaped - T25, T30 Flat Head Chain Breaker:...
£30.95 inc VAT
Park Tool ATD-1 Adjustable Torque Driver
Park Tool ATD-1 Adjustable Torque Driver
Shop quality, adjustable torque driver that limits torque applied to fasteners, preventing overtightening and damage to lightweight components Adjusts to apply 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, or 6 Newton Meter (Nm) of torque when rotating clockwise All metal internal construction for long life Comfortable ergonomic composite molded grip Includes 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and T25 bits (stored in handle) 1 1/4 inch drive Magnetic...
£54.99 inc VAT

Park Tool TW-5.2 Torque WrenchPark Tool TW-5.2 Torque Wrench
Park Tool TW-5.2 Torque Wrench
With today’s lightweight components, torque wrench use in the shop is no longer an option — it’s a must for every mechanic. The TW-5.2 is a high quality, ratcheting, click-type torque wrench that accurately measures and applies the proper amount of torque to a component’s threaded fastener(s). With a range of 2-14Nm, the TW-5.2 is designed for the lower torque settings that...
£87.49 inc VAT
Stan's No Tubes The Injector ToolStan's No Tubes The Injector Tool
Stan's No Tubes The Injector Tool
Graduated two ounce injector makes application of sealant simple, with no mess or waste of sealant.
£11.69 inc VAT

Stan's No Tubes Valve Core RemoverStan's No Tubes Valve Core Remover
Stan's No Tubes Valve Core Remover
Removes presta and schrader valve cores. CNC machined, anodized finish with laser etched logo. Fits between spokes for quick and easy core removal. Features knurled end for a no-slip grip
£8.99 inc VAT
Topeak Nano Torqbar DXTopeak Nano Torqbar DX
Topeak Nano Torqbar DX
The slimmest and most compact preset torque wrench available. It is a precision-crafted, high quality tool for either the home mechanic, professional bike shop, or your own jersey pocket. Today’s high-tech carbon fiber frames, components and electronic shifting requires exact torque specifications for operational safety and performance and the Nano TorqBar delivers what you need. Aluminium/engineering...
£49.49 inc VAT